Newbls Group

A “hakawati” is a traditional storyteller, who narrates real life stories and fairy tales in entertaining ways. One of PalVision’s initiatives has been to sponsor a group of younghakawatis interested in telling stories about milestones in Jerusalem’s history.


To accomplish this in an innovative and entertaining way, hakawatis were provided with special costumes depicting clothing worn during various eras of Jerusalem history. One ofhakawati, for example, was dressed as a Roman soldier and tasked with portraying life in Jerusalem during the Roman Empire.  The group of hakawatis ran tours for children and teenagers around the walls of the Old City, with different sections guided by different hakawati,telling tales of their particular historical period. Through this journey, the children and teenagers were encouraged to reflect on the reality of how people live, their habits, clothing, and food, and the events that have shaped their city.