About PalVision

About Us
Palestinian Vision (PalVision, or “Ru’ya”) was created by a group of young Palestinians in 1998. It arose as a response to an urgent need for Palestinian youth to have an outlet through which to express themselves and their desire to build a strong and healthy Palestinian society. The aim was to provide opportunities for young Palestinian leaders to become agents of positive, constructive change within their communities; to give them the space, tools, and training they need for their voices to be heard and taken into account.

PalVision quickly filled a social vacuum, expanding to a grassroots membership of over 600. Through this broad network and an all-volunteer staff, PalVision operates training workshops and community service programs that build leadership skills, strengthen self-esteem, identity, and community spirit, and provide positive channels for self-expression. Throughout this, there is a particular focus on empowering young women, and facilitating dialogue and exchange with international youth. PalVision is emphatically independent from political parties and positions – conceiving, instead, of a democratic future in which Palestinian youth serve as community leaders, working to improve and advance their society.

The organization was registered in the Palestinian Ministry of Interior in 2000, under the number OR/153/cu.

PalVision is one of the few organizations of its kind that continues to be based in Jerusalem. It does so, despite the considerable political and bureaucratic challenges posed by such a decision, in order to best provide services for young people, in particular young people from East Jerusalem. It also extends its services to youth across Palestinian cities, villages, and refugee camps.

Our Vision
Palestinian youth take collective action toward socioeconomic development.

Our Mission
Palestinian Vision aims to empower Palestinian youth through national awareness campaigns, leadership opportunities, and the establishment of national youth networks. The goal is to initiate youth-led sustainable development, social equity, and economic viability through volunteerism, social activism, entrepreneurship, lobbying and advocacy, both on a local and national level.

Strategic Goals

1. To promote economic entrepreneurship and Corporate Social Responsibility in Jerusalem.

2. To achieve sustainable livelihoods in marginalized areas through local socioeconomic empowerment and development.

3. To preserve the identity, heritage and ways of life of Palestinian communities.

Membership and Networks
CBO Youth Network
National Committee of NGOs
Union of Charitable Societies
Anna Lindh Foundation