The launching of “Om Atta: Heritage in Jerusalem” Festival – Dalal Abu Amneh, shines on the Palestinian National Theatre stage

ـJerusalem – Muna Qawasmi – The young singer Dalal Abu Amneh shined on the Palestinian National Theatre “Al-Hakawati” stage on Thursday evening as she sang with her angelic voice Palestinian folk songs and was cheered by the crowd.

Dalal performed on the opening night of “Om Atta: Heritage in Jerusalem” Festival, implemented by Palestinian Vision (PalVision) and Oushaq Arts Center, in partnership with the Palestinian National Theatre “Al-Hakawati” and Art Lab, supported by UNDP/PAPP and funded by the governments of Sweden, Austria and Norway.

Wearing a Palestinian traditional dress, Dalal Abu Amneh performed songs from her latest album “Ya Sitti”. The performance witnessed a large turnout as the show included a dialogue between Dalal and the choir telling popular stories and sayings.

Zaid Abu Dalu, the media coordinator of the festival, said for “Al-Quds”: that “Om Atta” is a name rooted in several stories and poems, and it is an integral part of our heritage. “Heritage in Jerusalem” means that Jerusalem has its own unique situation as it is isolated from the rest of the West Bank politically and geographically. The uniqueness of Jerusalem requires us to revive the cultural life in Jerusalem and enhance the steadfastness and resilience of Palestinians living here”.

Additionally, Zaid Abu Dalu commented: “Reviving the cultural life in Jerusalem is not an easy task as it requires joint effort from civil society organizations, especially the Palestinian National Theatre. The festival is an attempt to shed the light on the Palestinian cultural heritage and identity rooted in Jerusalem. As you can see most of the participating troupes are from Jerusalem, who play a key role in disseminating Palestinian heritage, culture and National Identity”.

The Festival will be held over a period of four consecutive days including a variety of performances. Abu Dalu final remarks were that PalVision seek to send “Letters” from Jerusalem to reach a greater audience and activate the role of troupes and cultural centers. The festival is part of PalVision Identity Inscription Program. Currently, PalVision is implementing three main programs: Entrepreneurial Seed, Social Resources and Identity Inscription, targeting around 15,000 Palestinian youth in the West Bank with particular focus on Jerusalem, Bethlehem and Jordan Valley.