PalVision Launches Haqocom Website and Naseeha Application

PalVision Launches Haqocom Website and Naseeha Application

Jerusalem – Palestinian Vision Organization (PalVision) launched “Haqocom” website and “Naseeha” application with the support of Human Rights & International Human Law Secretariat. The website and application aim to facilitate access to legal aid and services by recommending lawyers and human rights organizations for Palestinians living in Jerusalem.  Haqocom and Naseeha contribute to raising the awareness of Palestinians from Jerusalem about their rights and the means by which they can defend them. Additionally, the website and the application contribute to monitoring Human Rights and International Humanitarian Law violations carried out by the Israeli occupation.

Held in the Ambassador Hotel in Jerusalem, the launching ceremony was commenced with a speech by PalVision’s Head of the Board of Directors, Imad Al-Jaouni. Al-Jaouni emphasized the importance of utilizing technology and harnessing practical use of websites and Smartphone applications to service Palestinians in Jerusalem. He added: “Haqocom ‘Your Right’ is a reflection of Jerusalem’s reality through the eyes of Palestinian youth as it provides them with a space to explore their legal and social realities.” Moreover, Haqocom is a tool to monitor Israeli violations, interact with them, and engage the Palestinian public in this field.

The ceremony was held between 12:00 – 2:00 PM including an introduction to the use of the website and application illustrating the content of each section, how to benefit from the information provided, and how to document Israeli violations. In addition, Haqocom project’s youth participants, who were involved in the establishment of the website and application, presented their personal experience in the project and how it strengthens the provision of legal and humanitarian information.

Amina Abdel Haq, PalVision’s Project Manager of Haqocom stated that “The website and application aim to increase access of most Palestinians in Jerusalem to information in regard to their rights in order to face Israeli violations in Jerusalem.” Similarly, Omar Abu Sneineh, Haqocom project participant, expressed that “The quality trainings, which we received during the project’s period, introduced us to rich material and new information.” He added: “We have acquired new methods of documentation and monitoring Human Rights violations. The experience was an opportunity to unite efforts and work as a team in a legal framework outside university and beyond the academic environment.”

Haqocom project works towards implementing advocacy campaigns targeting International and Palestinian duty bearers by raising their awareness about the reality of living conditions in Jerusalem through continuously providing them with updated information about Human Rights and International Human Law violations; therefore, holding them accountable for their responsibility towards Palestinians in Jerusalem.