A series of Heritage Daysorganized by Palestinian Vision Organization and Oushaq Arts Center at the Palestinian National Theatre

“Om Atta: Heritage in Jerusalem”

A series of Heritage Daysorganized by Palestinian Vision Organization and Oushaq Arts Center at the Palestinian National Theatre

Jerusalem- “Om Atta: Heritage in Jerusalem”, implemented by Palestinian Vision (PalVision) and Oushaq Arts Center, in partnership with the Palestinian National Theatre “Al-Hakawati” and Art Lab,Ajyal Radio media sponsor, supported by UNDP/PAPP within the CRDPprogramand funded by the governments of Sweden, Austria and Norway.

“Om Atta: Heritage in Jerusalem” was organized over a period of four consecutive days; aiming to revive the cultural life in Jerusalem by activating the role and joint effort among civil society organizations. Featuring a variety of traditional and cultural heritage artistic performances, the cultural heritage days sought to increase access and dissemination of Palestinian culture and enhance the steadfastness and resilience of Palestinians living in this city.

As the series of heritages days in Jerusalem came to an end yesterday, the final act was performed by the “Revolution Choir”. The Choir performed various traditional, revolutionary and national songs that played a role in shaping the Palestinian identity and contemporary culture. As the Choir played their songs, the audience cheered and sang along for two hours.

The Group of Nazareth for Folklore and Traditional Arts performed their musical play “The Stranger” on Saturday. The play wasa theatrical performance that combined traditional Palestinian songs, spoken dialogue, acting, and Palestinian folk dance “Dabke”. Through a series of social events and dialogue among the characters, the play successfully portrayed Palestinian traditions, heritage and Palestinian ways of living.

In the second day, the National Theatre stage witnessed spectacular Dabke performances by Rwaq Troupe, Madrasati Falastine Troupe, and Mount of Olives Club for Dabkeh and Popular Heritage Group. With a massive turnout of people, the three dabke troupes shook the stage witha variety ofchoreographed folk and traditionalperformances.

The opening day featured Dalal Abu Amnehin performance of her album “Ya Sitti”. The performance was exceptional as it included the performance of combined traditional popular songs with spoken dialogue to traditional stories, sayingsand Palestinians ways of living.

The Project Coordinator Dalia Hallaq commented by saying: “The cultural days are a joint effort to activate the role of civil society organizations in revivingPalestinian culture and heritage in Jerusalem and enhancing social cohesion among Palestinians living in Jerusalem.”

The Om Atta..Heritage in Jerusalem is part of “Letters from Jerusalem” Project. The project  included several activities that targeted Palestinian youth such as capacity building training on still photography and building giant puppets.Concurrently with the cultural days, PalVision and partner organizations organized the “Jerusalem Parade”in the Old City of Jerusalem. The parade has included six different performances,each one of the troupes has started their performances at one of the Old City’s gates and went through the streets of the city until they joint each other at Al-Dabagha Market for their final joint performance. Six troupes participated in the parade: Madrasati Palestine, Farah’s Troupe, Welela Troupe, YWCA Circus, and Palestinian Academy for Talented Football Players, and Break Dance performance by Ahmad Al-Sharif alongside giant puppets produced by the targeted youth.