Street Museum: Featuring Art in the Streets of Jerusalem

The Street Museum is part of “Letters from Jerusalem”, implemented by Palestinian Vision Organization with the support of the UNDP- within the CRDP Project. The project aims to contribute to addressing the fragmented Palestinian identity, endangered Palestinian heritage, and deteriorating social fabric among Palestinians living in East Jerusalem. The Street Museum sought to increase access and dissemination of Palestinian culture in East Jerusalem through displaying various visual art forms in public spaces including public transportation and billboards. The organisation and implementation of the Street Museum serves the realisation of increasing the exposure of Jerusalemite Palestinians from different social strata to public and popular art; this exposure in its turn is a platform for critical examination and analysis of the current situation in Jerusalem.

This took place through the implementation of the Street Museum that was characterized by its simplicity and crowd-pleasing that fosters the reintegration of Jerusalemite Palestinians in cultural dialogue reflecting discussions of contemporary issues and a more vibrant cultural life to strengthen their sense of belonging and resilience. The Museum commenced in October featuring oil paintings by the Palestinian artist Mohammad Joulani, that focused on promoting the Palestinian cause, national identity and heritage. In November, to expand the base of integrated Palestinians in the dissemination of culture and reconnect with the Arabic language, paintings by Saher Al-Ka’abi, featuring Arabic calligraphy were displayed in the streets of East Jerusalem.

The Street Museum is one of many activities within the “Letters from Jerusalem” project that aims to enhance young Palestinians from East Jerusalem national identity by activating their role in shaping Palestinian culture that instigates social cohesion and a unified Palestinian identity and heritage in East Jerusalem.