“Guidance & Vocational Counselling” Camp” “In 6 days, we learned today how to have a better future tomorrow!”

The “Guidance & Vocational Counselling” camp implemented through “Ambassadors of Jerusalem” project, has witnessed wide and distinctive youth participation. For six days, 100 Jerusalemite students aged from 13-16 years old participated in the camp that took place in Al-Aroub Agricultural School in Al-Aroub, Hebron. The students were divided into 5 groups where each group had a name and different T-shirt colour from the other.

The camp kicked off with the first exercise!

Despite the hot weather and the long ride from Jerusalem to Al-Aroub, the participants received life skills training sessions, which covered several aspects such as ice-breaking, communication, team work and building, and planning, in addition to a guidance session covering the concept of vocational education and misconceptions of several professions.

Starting the second day with morning exercises, the participants carried on their day by visiting Polytechnic University. In the afternoon, the participants undertook trainings focusing on self-reflection, self-knowledge, and introducing means to identify factors and difficulties they may encounter them in making a decision.

With the sunrise of the third day, the participants visited the vocational Training Center in Halhoul, southern Hebron. The focus of the visit was to expand their horizon in choosing the right career path. Upon their return to the camp sight and after eating and playing, the participants took the Holland Code Career Test, a test that can identify one’s strongest career interest among six occupational themes: Realistic Investigative, Artistic, Social, Enterprising and Conventional.

The participants started their fourth day at 4:00 AM to hike in the beautiful nature of Al-Aroub, in addition to volunteering in painting benches and cleaning and weeding the natural reserve of Wadi Al-Quf. Then, participants carried on their day attending session that introduced and highlighted undergraduate majors, professional and technical specialisations, and future labour market demands.

In the fifth day, as every morning the people in Al-Aroub woke up on the voices of the camp participants singing and exercising. After eating breakfast, the participants visited the Royal Company to be introduced to one of the leading manufacturing companies in Palestine. In the evening after a long and hot day, the participants gathered around in a big circle swaying while listening to Oud(lute) melodies.

The countdown started for the last day. The participants’ parents started to arrive to share with their children’s success sensing this slight change in their personalities and determination in their eyes. All partners in the camp (Directorate of Education in Jerusalem and the GIZ), funders (BTC and the World Bank), and PalVision as an implementing partner say wholeheartedly: “This was the first step to widen your horizon, now it’s your turn to choose your specialty and your parent’s role in respecting and accepting your decision”.

To learn more about the “Guidance & Vocational Counselling” camp, you can watch PalVision’s short film through the following link: