Ambassadors of Jerusalem 

Entrepreneurial Seed

Ambassadors of Jerusalem is a project that seeks to expand the horizons of Jerusalemite youth by raising their awareness and refining their skills in facilitating acquisition of basic knowledge and personal skills. Believing in the role of civil society organizations in addressing the need to expand efforts to reduce the risks and difficulties children face, PalVision, Al-Saraya, and Burj Luqluq Social Center and Jerusalemite civil society organizations that worked from the heart of Jerusalem and the Old City came together to create the project’s idea.

The project targeted 300 Jerusalemite students, aged 13-16 and 300 from their parents from four marginalized areas in Jerusalem (Old City, Beit Safafa, Issaweya, Jabal Al-Mukkaber). The project intended to give the targeted children a chance to build and explore themselves, involve them in the process of community development, and enabling them to protect their future by refining their life and professional skills. The project intent was to create a sense of awareness towards individual, cultural, social identity and belonging among Jerusalemite students by increasing their knowledge about the living circumstances in Jerusalem, in addition to promoting the importance of civic engagement including volunteerism to make the desired change in the civil life of their communities.

The project was funded by NGO Development Center (NDC) aimed to achieve its objectives through three thematic dimensions which included political, economic, and social awareness development; to promote a sense of volunteerism and community initiatives; to enhance the ability to choose their career through vocational, career guidance and refinement of life skills.