Create Hope in Jerusalem

Entrepreneurial Seed

Create Hope in Jerusalem: Project to support and develop startups for young entrepreneurs in Jerusalem

The project seeks to promote leadership among young people in Jerusalem. 6 groups of 15 young Jerusalemites each will be formed during the project period. Each group will be trained for a 52-hour that includes training to generate entrepreneurial ideas and develop business plans for the project through adopting of International Labor Organization (ILO) approach called “Start Your Business” where the Palestinian Vision Foundation is a partner and accredited to the ILO in the implementation of this curriculum in Jerusalem.
In the next phase, 36 participants of the 90 participants with projects will be financially supported by seed funding and mentorship in the financial, marketing and administrative fields to achieve the implementation of their projects. The selection of winning projects will be based on the evaluation of a panel of judges in accordance with predefined criteria.

The project is funded by the Arab Fund for Economic and Social Development, the Islamic Development Bank and the Palestinian Vision organization and in partnership with the Taawon Foundation