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Promoting Change and Youth Leadership in Jerusalem

Hirak aims to support positive change for youth living in Jerusalem by promoting community leadership and advocating for the political, social and economic rights of Palestinians living in Jerusalem under International Humanitarian Law (IHL). It is implemented in partnership with the Danish Church Aid (DCA), and funded by the European Union (EU) for a period of 36 months.

Hirak targets 240 female and male youth aged from Jerusalem, 20 Community-Based Organizations (CBOs)/Other groups, International Duty-bearers, and 5000 Palestinians from Jerusalem. Hirak seeks to provide Palestinian youth from Jerusalem with knowledge, skills & tools to improve the status of their communities using research, community-based initiatives & campaigns. Secondly, to enable Jerusalem-based CBOs/other groups to respond to the needs of their communities using “Financial Support to Third Parties” by empowering the CBOs/other groups to identify/address at least one community issue. Moreover, to strengthen Jerusalem-based CBOs/other groups networking with CBOs in West Bank to better understand the daily life of Palestinians living in Jerusalem and enable them to take joint actions to address key issues. In addition, to improve Jerusalem-based CBOs/other groups’ organizational/technical capacity to advocate for the rights of their communities. Finally, to raise International awareness on IHL violations in Jerusalem and prompt specific actions to counter them.

All of this will be achieved through a set of comprehensive activities including: capacity building training, community-based initiatives, financial support to third parties, awareness raising workshops, youth-led conferences, open days, establishing a think tank to develop policy and position papers, advocacy campaigns, produce audio-visual materials, exposures visits in Jerusalem for international duty bearers, produce documentary film on Israeli violations of IHL in Jerusalem, as well as study tour for the think tank to EU Parliament (Brussels) & Human Rights Council (Geneva).