Letters from Jerusalem

Identity Inscription

Letters from Jerusalem project implemented by PalVision as a part of Community Resilience and Development Programme (CRDP) funded  by Unite Nations Development Programm (UNDP). The project incorporates a series of cultural events that aim to strengthen Palestinian national identity among Palestinians living in Jerusalem, particularly the youth by actively engaging them in shaping the Palestinian culture.

The project combination of cultural events aim to create a state of joy and pride in celebrating Palestinian identity, culture and heritage in a new and creative way that was never witnessed before in Jerusalem. In this context, the project seeks to integrate marginalized communities in Jerusalem by bringing culture to their doors is of absolute necessity when aiming for the protection and enhancement of Palestinian social cohesion, identity and heritage.

A particular focus of the project is to provide young Palestinian amateurs “in the making” with the possibility to advance their artistic skills, to increase their knowledge about their own culture, and to discuss the value of culture and its role in society by taking a broader view towards unified national identity.

Targeted community members will be exposed to different forms of art that instigates Palestinian national identity and culture; making use of the purposes of art in fostering critical perspectives on the status quo, in either cases the exhibitions will highlight traditional values that are ought to be preserved in characterising Palestinian national identity, and alternatively prompting progressiveness in a social sense.