Entrepreneurial Seed

Nahj is an Entrepreneurial School Project that was implemented by PalVision Organization under the supervision of the Welfare Association and funded by Bank of Palestine. Nahj aimed to promote the concept of entrepreneurship among elementary school students, to inspire them to think about new/prospect career paths. Nahj aspired to provoke curiosity and interest in students by guiding them towards alternative career paths, such as self-employment and start-up enterprises.

Nahj was designed to create an opportunity for 150 targeted students aged 13–15 year-old from six different governmental and nongovernmental elementary schools located in Jerusalem Old City, Sur Baher, Beit Hanina, Suwaneh, and Sheikh-Jarrah. In addition, the project targeted 15-20 school counsellors and administrative staff from the targeted schools and trained them on entrepreneurial guidance techniques, counselling skills, Monitoring and evaluation mechanisms.

This project provided the targeted group with the required tools and skills that would enable them to plan, develop and implement entrepreneurial projects. Therefore, PalVision conducted and designed comprehensive capacity building trainings which provide the students with the necessary entrepreneurial knowledge and skills to be able to develop, initiate and implement their start-up ideas.