Shababna Qadha

Identity Inscription

The two-year long project worked with 1000 students (aged 13-17), in 20 schools in Jerusalem, on both sides of the apartheid wall. It aimed to catalyse change in the social and cultural status quo of the city through engaging students in workshops and activities in 6 main areas: technology and creative thinking, entrepreneurship and English for Business, drama and theatre, creative writing, photography and film-making and cultural and educational tours.

During 2013, Shababna Qadha completed the inception phase of the project, recruiting schools, identifying target students and preparing 25 university students to become trainers. The implementation phase focused on providing essential life skills to all target groups in: communication skills, team work, leadership, and citizenship

The students produced documentaries, entrepreneurship ideas, creative writing stories, technological inventions and theatre plays that reflected their everyday lives.