Entrepreneurial Seed

Project implemented by PalVision and funded by Interchurch Organization for Development Cooperation (ICCO), aims to address the issue of youth unemployment in East Jerusalem (EJ) by targeting talented Jerusalemite youth with social and/or green entrepreneurship project ideas that can turn into successful start-ups. Thereby, the project seeks to promote youth social and green entrepreneurship as a way to generate local employment through supporting innovative ideas, using local resources and preserving traditional ways of producing. The project offers the young entrepreneurs with an intensive capacity building training for 10 young entrepreneurs age between 24-29 from East Jerusalem on product cost, marketing and branding, accounting, Israeli and Palestinian regulations and policies, business obligations, networking, and business management. Through a series of meetings, the young entrepreneurs will pitch their entrepreneurial initiatives, network and gain the opportunity to attract investors to grow their businesses. The project will offer 6 young entrepreneurs with small grants to assist them in launching and establishing their small enterprises.