Ein Al-Zarqa’ Forest


Palestinian mountains were covered with various trees and plants throughout history such as oak, maple, pistachio, buckthorn, and other types of tree that are native to the environment and climate. This is evident by the spread of these trees around holy shrines and graves and its continuing existence for hundreds of years around these holy places where the residents took care of them. Pine and cypress trees cultivation and protection around different areas of Palestine was a new human intervention. They have spread increasingly since the 20s of the last century.

Ein Al-Zarqa’ Forest is located to the west of Ramallah. It was established by the Jordanian Government in the West Bank in the 50s and 60s and represented a great example of a natural reserve that was introduced in a studied and planned mechanism. Other forests were established before that during the British Mandate such as Um Al-Safa forest. Ein Al-Zarqa is located 19 kilometers from Ramallah. The natural reserve is located in the northern land of Beitello village in addition to some water springs. The southern and eastern part of the water springs is located in the lands of Deir Ammar and Jamala. The area is unique because it is located between a series of mountains which makes it a passage for several valley water and springs in the winter. The area is considered a part of An-Natouf Basin to the west of Ramallah that has an area of 200 kilometers, which has many water springs.