It’s not ok !

The initiative aimed to prevent the spread of drugs scourge in Hizma town, which is in its initial phase. It also focuses on the fight against drugs in all its forms and presents its effects and risks with photos and videos. In addition to inform the Palestinian citizen of drug circulation and to warn against falling into the trap of drug traffickers.
This workshop comes as a next step after a huge promoting campaign on social media, consists of publications in the form of unique designs that included the world and the hashtag (#Its_not_ok) #Mesh_Bhemesh)
The initiative had also sought to:
1- Introducing drug scourge as a dangerous scourge, and still at the beginning of its spread.
2- Increasing citizen’s awareness about the locations and sources of selling drugs, which are unknown for many children and young people .Thus they need to be sensitized in this regard.
3- Identifying polices roles relating to this and other matters.