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Science is Never-Ending Quest campaign to abandon school dropout phenomena in Jerusalem

Under the slogan: “Science is Never Ending Quest” The Palestinian Vision Organization launched its campaign to reduce school dropout phenomena, which has been significantly exacerbated recently in the Palestinian schools in East Jerusalem. With a set of objectives, Science is Never Ending campaign was launched to shed light on the dangerous of dropping out of schools in Jerusalem and to raise the awareness of the Palestinian society about its negative effect on the Palestinian education sector as well as the Palestinian decision makers’ demands to take the initiative in adopting the reduction polices of students dropout phenomena and overcoming the problems that are causing an increase in the percentage of dropout in Jerusalem schools. This campaign which is organized within Hirak project has chosen the phenomenon of Jerusalemite students’ dropout from their schools in East Jerusalem. In conjunction with the increase in the percentage of students who dropout at a rate of 13% per year compared with 1% in West Jerusalem schools, and according to the specialists this constitutes a dangerous indicator on the Palestinian education in Jerusalem, amid rising the onslaught of ignorance pursued by the occupying state and its authorities against the Palestinian education system in Jerusalem and the Palestinian education curricula in an effort to judaize and distort its content. It’s noteworthy that the campaign had circulated hashtag #Science is Never Ending Quest through social networking pages to mobilize the Palestinian public support for the campaign messages and objectives and contribute to the dissemination and the achievements of its goals.