Persistence (Jalad)

Jalad is a community campaign that aimed at raising the public awareness of the working mechanisms of the Palestinian civil society organizations and to develop ways of promoting the reality of the civil society institutions in Jerusalem.

The campaign is part of “Sijal” project which aimed to support the Jerusalemite youth and contribute to the development of their abilities and skills in the advocacy field through the enhancing the community leadership, defending the political, social and economic rights guaranteed by the International Humanitarian Law, to be able to activate their role in the society towards a positive change. The young men and women in this project chose to take the issue of the Palestinian civil society organizations as a priority for action, where they worked on collecting information related to civil work through institutions/associations in Jerusalem, then divided the work and tasks between them based on many axes; donors agenda, institutional structures, oversight and accountability mechanisms on transparency, in addition to emphasizing on the national discourse contained in the Palestinian civil society discourse.