Please Remain Calm Campaign

Please Remain Calm Campaign
A campaign aimed at raising community awareness about the dangerous of violence in terms of national identity, social and cultural fabric, it also emphasis on tolerance and understanding culture between citizens of the same nation. The campaign targeted young people and children between the ages of 12-20 in schools, clubs, centers and institutions in particular.
Campaign Vision:
1- To raise the issue of violence in the streets and its negative effect on the national identity and social fabric.
2- Reduce violence cases witnessed in the streets by stimulating and activating the role of official and popular institutions.
Campaign Objectives:
1- Strengthening the dialogue language and the community tolerance among community members.
2- Signing an honour document between school students, institutions, clubs, and youth centers by committing to prohibit violence inside its buildings.
3- Promoting dialogue language as a primary language in dealing with all the social problems faced by individuals and society.
4- Work on activating the spirit of social law which prohibits violence in all of its forms between community members.
5- Encouraging initiatives, cultural and artistic activities as a viable tool in transmitting private messages of violence effects on society and its various sectors.