About PalVision

Palestinian Vision youth Organization -PalVision- was established in 1998 and was later registered in the Palestinian Ministry of Interior in 2000, under the registration number OR/153/cu.

PalVision has been intensifying its effort to promote youth economic empowerment through installing the concept of entrepreneurship, career guidance and promoting vocational education as means to reduce the ever-rising unemployment rate among youth across the West Bank. Over time, PalVision has gained an unparalleled depth of knowledge about local communities and institutions and the unique development challenges facing the conflict-affected and most vulnerable communities in the West Bank.

With more than 20 years of experience, using bottom-up approach, PalVision is one of the strongest youth-oriented and youth-led organization that can promote a unified Palestinian identity contribute to quality education and civic engagement in East Jerusalem. The promotion of youth civic engagement and access to quality education entails extensive work and vested efforts on both strategic and national levels. It comes against a backdrop of political, economic, social, and cultural variations. PalVision believes that it is a long progress that should be the collective responsibility of all societal sectors, starting with individuals, communities, CSOs, and the Palestinian leadership.

Therefore, PalVision built strategic partnerships with Palestinian CSOs throughout historical Palestine, targeting motivated Palestinian youth. Through working to find common emotional ground that resonates with the concerns of the partner organizations and the targeted youth, PalVision has inspired community-based and national activities that promote youth civic engagement and quality education in East Jerusalem.

Our Vision

PalVision has a vision the Palestinian Youth as leaders taking collective action towards a sustainable development of their communities.

Our Mission

Youth as leaders.

We mobilize and empower the Palestinian youth to achieve their aspirations, preserve their collective Palestinian identity and initiate youth-led sustainable development initiatives through volunteerism, social activism, entrepreneurship, lobbying and advocacy, on local, national, and international levels.

Strategic Goals

  • Youth empowered to engage in sustainable development and contribute to positive change in their community.
  • Youth engagement is strengthened in preserving the Palestinian identity and building community resilience.
  • Youth have enhanced access to quality education to increase their employment opportunities.

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