Bridge Palestine

Bridge Palestine

What is Bridge?

Bridge Palestine is a three year, highly selective, youth empowerment and college preparatory program, managed and funded by Palestinian youth empowerment NGOs (details below), to support Palestinian students study abroad and be leaders for social change in their communities.

In the first cohort of Bridge program 2015-2017, 108 students participated -36 in the Gaza Strip and 72 in West Bank and Jerusalem-. 50 participants of them earned scholarships and many are currently studying abroad at top universities like MIT, Johns Hopkins and Harvard. The current cohort, which started in spring 2018, which includes 70 students in the West Bank and Jerusalem, and 30 students in the Gaza Strip.

Bridge students are selected from the top students of the Palestinian community, representing a diversity of class backgrounds, communities, and schools, from refugee camps to private schools.  They were selected from thousands of applicants and have gone through a series of rigorous English and youth empowerment camps, weekly English classes during the school year, and intensive academic counseling to prepare them for studying abroad.

What makes Bridge special?

  • Competitive Recruitment and Selection – recruited students from across Palestine and selected around 100 applicants from over 3000 applicants per cohort.
  • Leadership and Identity Development– cultivates youth skills and connection to their community.
  • English development– develops students’ English skills to raise their chances to access international colleges, through project-based learning, research/debate, creative/persuasive writing, and test prep for college access processes.
  • Constructive college and career Counseling– guides students to navigate global university options and find the best fit options for them.

1) Bridge Palestine includes a competitive recruitment and selection processes:

Students representing the highest academic performers and most engaged youth leaders in their community from across the West Bank, Jerusalem, and Gaza.

  • 3000+ applied in 9th grade in 2017
  • 400 selected for 10th grade cohort in 2018
  • 100 retained for 11th grade cohort in 2019-2021

2) Leadership and Identity Development

Students engage in a variety of camps and trainings to cultivate their interests and awareness.

  • Identity Development– summer sleepaway camps with guest speakers, film screenings, and discussions centered on Palestinian history, culture and identity.
  • Programming and Coding– winter camp with training about electrical components and Arduino Uno program, leading students to designing, building and programming robots
  • Dialogue and Debate– train the students on debating skills, on controversial and relevant topics related to their community, both in English and in Arabic
  • Social Media Campaigning– West Bank and Jerusalem students organized a social media campaign to raise awareness about how to protect the community from COVID-19 pandemic, including guest speakers, memes, hashtags, etc.
  • Community campaigning (Gaza): Students managed to raise the children’s awareness toward the COVID-19 pandemic and healthy protective procedures in a community campaign, distributing a ladder and snake board-game.
  • Social Entrepreneurship (Gaza):Students learned about the entrepreneurship skills & how to build a lean canvas to represent their business ideas targeting local problems.
  • Elective Trainings– critical thinking and logical argument, mindfulness meditation, singing (choir and karaoke), dancing (Salsa, Dabkeh), painting and drawing, sports, cooking, and others.
  • Community Service and Field Trips– hiking in a local nature preserve, cleaning the trash in the countryside, renovating and painting villages’ architecture, and practicing survival skills in the nature.

3) English Development

Students participate in summer and winter camps, as well as weekly year-round classes, that include project-based learning, presentation, debate, research, writing, and test prep for college access exams, which prepare them to be competitive applicants for international universities and perform best in the university.

  • 2018 summer camp English project-based learning
  • 2018-2019 school year weekly classes English research and debate training
  • 2019 summer camp English debate, IELTS prep and college counseling
  • 2019-2020 school year weekly classes English literary analysis, narrative writing, IELTS and SAT prep, and college counseling
  • 2020 winter camp for English and SAT test prep

4) College and Career Counseling

Bridge counsels students to understand their college options and navigate their application processes.  Since summer of 2019, students have engaged in mentorship, small group, and one-on-one meetings to learn about their college options and prepare them to apply to universities that fit their interests and capacities.

  • One-on-one mentorship sessions that started from Sep 2019 – Feb 2022 conducted by college graduates and professional educators.
  • Career Counseling using the Holland Code Test, Meyers-Briggs, and other career and personality tests to discover passions, talents, and possible career paths of the participants.
  • Narrative/Creative writing focused on personal storytelling including small group workshops and one-on-one feedback/revision.
  • Leadership coaching to support students to deepen their leadership and represent it in their CVs.
  • Research training for students to understand how to find many global opportunities that match the colleges/universities academic requirements.
  • One-on-one College Consultation sessions to guide students to identify the best fit options for them.

Organizations’ Background

Taawon (cooperation) is the founder of Bridge and the funding organization for the current cohort. It is a non-profit civil society organization registered in Switzerland. Since the organization establishment in 1983, Taawon has supported vulnerable Palestinians to live in dignity, and works in partnership with local communities to relieve hardship and meet basic needs.

PalVision is the direct manager of 70 Bridge students in the West Bank and Jerusalem. PalVision was firstly created by a group of young Palestinians in 1998, as a response to an urgent need of the Palestinian youth to have a space in which they are able to express themselves and their desire to build a strong and healthy Palestinian society.

Al-Natuf is the direct manager of the 30 Bridge students in Gaza. Al-Natuf is a civil Palestinian association established in 2002, which seeks to support community development in Palestine generally and Gaza Strip particularly.

Student Profiles

Bridge students are truly extraordinary. They are all unique, they share common values of high achievement and commitment to their community.  Below are snapshots of four of our students, a preview of the 100 overalls, to demonstrate a bit of their diversity of experiences, identities, skills, and passions.