Final Ceremony to Celebrate the Implementation of 102 Community-Based Initiatives

Palestinian Vision Organization (PalVision), in partnership with UNICEF and funded by the Dutch Government, celebrated the implementation of 102 community-based initiatives in the governments of Jerusalem, Nablus, and Hebron in the past year. The implementation of the initiatives was preceded by a series of training sessions that contributed to the development of adolescents’ ideas in order to serve their community in partnership with 34 CBOs and 22 schools. The ceremony was organized under the auspices of Major General Jibreel Rjoub, Head of the Higher Council for Youth and Sports, with attendance of a number of other prominent personalities.

The ceremony was opened with a tour in the exhibit that presented the initiatives developed, designed, and implemented by adolescents after the trainings that helped them to identify the needs of their schools and communities. The adolescents implemented 102 initiatives in the governorates of Jerusalem, Nablus, and Hebron. The initiatives tackled many themes including raising awareness of issues such as traffic laws, various types of violence, nutrition, and personal hygiene. Additionally, they addressed environmental issues such as maintaining clean schools and sewerage problems. Moreover, they highlighted cultural issues such as establishing libraries in marginalized areas and fostering adolescents’ artistic talents. Furthermore, the initiatives raised touristic and archaeological issues such as cleaning and rehabilitating archaeological sites to host visitors and introduce the history of these places.

During the ceremony, a film about the phases of the project was screened highlighting the life cycle of the project starting from selection and formation of groups to the training process in life skills such as communication, team building, leadership, community needs assessment, and other trainings that enabled them to produce new and innovative ideas for their initiatives. The film also highlighted the accountability and hearing sessions that were held between the adolescents and decision-makers. These sessions contributed to adolescents’ involvement in their communities.

Major General, Jibreel Rjoub, took a tour in the exhibit of the initiatives and watched the film that was screened. He found “these initiative fascinating, meaningful, and spectacular, in a way that made it possible for Palestinian youth to clarify their identity and promote their confidence, we have to provide youth with space in order to realize their ideas and build the Palestinian identity, future and hope, to ensure that our people deserve life because youth are the future and we have to give them the chance and suitable space to create, lead and produce”.

UNICEF representative, Mrs. Mayda Pashk, commended “is ceremony is a real proof of the unlimited capacity, talents, and creativity of Palestinian adolescents and young people. On behalf of UNICEF, I would like to start by expressing my true admiration to the adolescents for their tremendous efforts and achievements made through these initiatives. Living in a difficult environment such as the State of Palestine, adolescents need our constant guidance and support to enable them to expand and grow to their full potential.  And to you adolescents, I salute you, your courage, resilience and determination in making this world a better world.”

On behalf of the adolescents, Dima Al-Safadi, spoke to the audience, she said “we will reach to all organizations with our message as realistic as possible without resonant slogans. We are the future! We promise to create change and take action. We will be your partners not only recipients. We will assume the responsibilities of change and become the leaders of today and tomorrow.”

Rami Nasser Eddin, PalVision’s Executive Director, said “today we are concluding the Young Achievement Project, but it is just the beginning, the real work is starting now for the all of the adolescents that implemented 102 community-based initiatives in the past year. I would like to thank everyone who contributed to success the Young Achievement Project and followed up with these activities and initiatives in the various locations and governance. I would like to thank PalVision team, trainers, participants, the partners and each person who worked for the success of the project.” Nasser Eddin concluded his remarks by promising Palestinian youth more projects and sustainability in the work with them.

At the end of the ceremony, the project’s adolescents, 34 partner organizations, and 22 schools were honoured for their support and contribution tothe success of the project and its continuity through the past year.

The Young Achievement Project gave youth the opportunity to express themselves. The project tended to their abilities and skills through a wide range of activities and trainings that aimed to foster creative thinking and innovation in order to serve their communities. The project targeted 1800 adolescent in partnership with 34 CBO, Village Councils, and municipalities, as well as 22 school through the Ministry of Education.