Identity Inscription

Palestinian Youth Exchanges – “Tawasalo” implemented by PalVision, the Association for Arab Youth- Baladna, and funded by the regional office of the American Friends Service Committee. If Palestinian youth leaders from the occupied Palestinian territory and inside 48 areas are familiar with each other’s context, generate ideas together, and act coherently. Then, they will be capable to introduce relevant initiatives to their communities with influence on social change and policy issues because those initiatives will be grounded in the realities of those communities.

In this context, the project will bring together around 3,500 young Palestinians, aged 14-20 years of age, from the West Bank and from 48 areas to overcome geographic separation and social fragmentation by meeting face to face, creating spaces for dialogue and understanding and changing their views on the other Palestinians. Through monthly visits and exchanges, the project offers these young Palestinians the possibility to “experience” what the other Palestinians from other areas are living, fearing, and dreaming about.