Youth Startups

“Create Hope in Jerusalem” a project implemented by the Palestinian Vision Organization, funded by the Arab Fund for Economic and Social Development, directed by the Islamic Development Bank and in partnership with Taawon Association. Create Hope in Jerusalem project aims to grow hope in the Palestinian youth to build entrepreneurial startups in the city with the ability to reinforce their steadfastness and resilience in Jerusalem. the project provides training for 90 male and female youth from Jerusalem interested in commencing creative startups and developing work plans for the ideas and the business projects. Palvision adopted the methodology of the International labour organization (Start your Business) and will support 36 startups out of the 90. The startups below were supported through the project:

Shape Up

Shape up is the first healthy food restaurant in Jerusalem started in 2019. Our restaurant offers different kinds of meals, targeting people on diet, athletes and people who suffer from diabetes.


Qitaf is the first organic agricultural project in Jerusalem since the beginning of 2019. The project provides various services such as establishing a school to teach agricultural fields, and setting up a special section to produce natural products, and a section to provide agricultural services including the service of developing a plan to create backyards producing a green land in our country.


Creative Workshop

Creative Workshop is a project that is concerned in converting raw materials into a new and useful material to create unique, special and non traditional designs using natural wood, designed as our customers request, without destroying the environment and with the lowest costs.


Rio Mario

Rio Mario is a comedy content targeting kids, started as a theatrical band in 2016, and then developed into YouTube channels and television. Rio Mario YouTube channel has more than 100 videos presenting the kids’ behaviors in a comedy and interesting way.


Holy land Tuk Tuk

Holy land Tuk Tuk is an electric environmentally friendly car that provides transportation for disabled tourists and visitors to make them enjoy visiting tourist places in the old city. Moreover, Holy land Tuk Tuk provides organized tours for the visitors to the places that are hard to reach using huge vehicles or walking.

Mobile:+972 52-231-4147


Duna project is concerned in developing books and games for kids in Jerusalem, according to modern theories in behavioral psychology, positive psychology and modern children’s literature. The project looks forward to improve the children emotionally and perceptively through using special books and games that raise their knowledge, perceptive and imagination. We, in Duna, try to build affordable time between parents and their kids.

Mobile:+972 54-441-6117

Aseel Center

Aseel Center is a special center for implementing educational courses and entertaining activities through different programs in the center. In addition to the programs that develop the mental skills and abilities, such as brain games and programming robots. The project’s programs mainly aim to direct the abilities of the children into the right path.


Zeez Network

Zeez Network is a company that is specialized in analyzing and implementing the vision and the strategic plan for the governmental and non-governmental organizations. Zeez Network was established in 2018 with the vision of creating a healthy, environmental and educational system inside the institutions to help them raise and grow.

Aylool Library

Aylool is a moving library in Jerusalem, targeting children in schools and summer camps to do special activities with the best prices! The project provides nontraditional services such as reading interesting stories using puppets and dolls then convert them into useful plays.



Darzeh is a unique project for designing ready to wear and art to wear clothes, based in Jerusalem, as customers request and according to the seasons. Moreover, the project includes designing environmentally friendly fabric tote bags.


Muna, Makeup artist project, is a full-service beauty salon for women which is located in Jerusalem. The project provides services related to the facial beauty (Makeup), hair care, pedicure, manicure and skin care, using various techniques offering benefits for the customers with the best prices.



eVarde – a professional website and application for exchanging products or offering it for free, requesting a service such as carpentry, home maintenance, and recycling (plastic, wood…). The project gives the ability to connect with people in our society to share products and services

Vet-Dogtor Jerusalem

Vet Dogtor is a pet veterinary clinic based in Jerusalem. The clinic provides advanced surgical and medical services targeting pets, and stray dogs and cats that need to be examined with advanced testing. The clinic was equipped with an ultrasound scanner to accurately diagnose the cases such as, pregnancy, kidney stones, broken bones. We believe that by improving the lives of pets, we improve the world around us.



Archubic is a project that relies on the use of immersive media technologies (Augmented reality and virtual reality) in exterior and interior design to keep up with the latest developments and technologies. Archubic introduces cutting edge technology, which allows you to visualize and interact with the 2D Floor Plans, and take a walk around your new home by only using your smartphone to save time and efforts.


Fairy tales

Fairy tales project specializes in creating unique events and celebrations in Jerusalem using special, simple and exclusive ideas. The ideas are inspired by nature and recycled raw materials, customized specially to the customers’ needs. The project targets individuals and any organization in Jerusalem for the meetings and events to provide services with the best prices and the newest ideas.


Coming Soon


Kangaroo is a platform for parents and babysitters to connect. A project that provides well trained, highly qualified and professional baby sitters to go to the houses, this is done through a mobile application that facilitates the access of customers to the appropriate babysitter. With Kangaroo, we’ve modernized the way parents find and book the babysitter they need to achieve our customers comfort and satisfaction.

Coming Soon

طابون وقلاية

A family business based in Jerusalem, serving traditional food that is inspired by the eastern cuisine with the best prices. The restaurant offers Taboon and provides fried dishes, in addition to the cocktails, drinks and sweets that are served in cozy atmosphere.

Coming Soon

Blazing project

Blazing is a glass product manufacturing project such as glass accessories and masterpieces, in addition to providing educational courses in this field. The project also enables the customers to see the production process and participate in producing their own customized product. The modern-designed project aims to revive the history of glass and attract visitors and tourists to the Old City of Jerusalem.

pitch app


An app that helps you get better presentation skills. Aims to improve presentation skills and display in a new and comfortable way. The user can upload their own video presentation via the app and receive feedback (Feedback) automatically, relying mainly on body language and sound.

Initially targeting entrepreneurs and leaders ,and later we aspire to expand to larger segments such as job seekers.

In short, an app that makes it easier to reach your viewers more clearly.

Farah’s band

Farah’s band is a group of parades, weddings and modern events inspired by the Palestinian and Levant heritage, including the use of oriental percussion instruments and their integration with Western instruments. The band is also designing special dances to enter the grooms into the hall.

R.S Fitness

The project is a transporting sports studio that offers training sessions and various personal and group sports services for women, especially mothers, where the classes has the ability for the presence of children with their mothers during trainings. In addition to specialized classes for pregnant women.


Zaafaran is a catering service of various types of salts and sweets in a modern and contemporary ways, free of preservatives or manufactured ingredients. Designed to suit the needs and desires of the customer at the highest levels of production relating to the “One bite” catering style.

The main idea f it is to reduce the general waste of food while maintaining the customer’s desire with the highest modern business techniques.

Zaafaran , small amount …big difference.