Football initiative was designed in response to the need of the young youth in Jerusalem communities, due to the lack of the free spaces for spare times. In Al-Issawiya town, the Jerusalemite youth conducted and formed a sport training camp “Al-Ghad Champions league” which focused on young generations aged (6-12). It also gave a space of attention to the talented children passionate about playing football by providing an appropriate sports environment to help them improve their talents and strengthen their chances of an active participation in the national teams in the future. In addition, the initiative provided safe place for children from social problems.

PalVision implemented the initiative within The Mediterranean Youth Networks Project that was funded by the European Union, in partnership with UNISCO. PalVision implemented a number of initiatives in Jerusalem, that aimed to empower the role of Jerusalemites youth and their leadership capacities, as well as to promote their effective participation as young women and men in enhancing the conditions of youth issues that serve their local communities. It also focused on human right issues and marginalized groups to contribute in the integration of people with disabilities into community events/activities.