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Cultural and Youth Organizations Sign MoUs Letters Project

A collation of Palestinian organizations signed Memorandums of Understanding (MoUs) to co-implement Letters project, which is supported by UNDP/PAPP within the Comprehensive Rural Development Programme (CRDP) program to support the steadfastness and development of the communities in area “C” and East Jerusalem. The project is funded by the governments of Sweden, Austria and Norway, and is implemented by Palestinian Vision Organization (PalVision), Palestinian National Theatre, Siwar for Culture and Arts, Al-Qafilah Moving Stage, Burj Al-Luqluq Social Center Society, and Al-Ruwah Theatre.

Letters aims to enhance Palestinian national identity and social cohesion among Palestinian from Jerusalem by adopting a transformative resilience approach that focuses on cultural interventions, increased youth engagement, and celebration of Palestinian life in Jerusalem. On the other hand, the project works on building the capacities of youth participants in theatre, arts, music and culture, as well as strengthening the role of stakeholders and civil society in activating the artistic and cultural life in Jerusalem.

Letter works towards establishing youth cultural movement among Palestinians targeting young men and women in Jerusalem between 10-40 years old directly; and the rest of community members indirectly. It targets five communities in Jerusalem including Beit Safafa, Beit Hanina, the Old City, Issawiya, and Nabi Samul.

During signing the MoUs, youth and cultural organizations in Jerusalem discussed the project plan and its objectives as mechanisms were put in place to implement activities. The project mainly focuses on organizing cultural and artistic activities. Most of these activities will take place in the streets of Jerusalem, while the rest of the activities will take place at the venues of collation members.

According to the representatives of the collation, consolidating efforts and undertaking joint action are the driving force to implement Letters. They emphasized that this project is not a one-man show but one that requires contributions from all parties involved. They also agreed to form a committee consisting of representatives from the collation in order to provide consultation during the implementation period, which will be conducted in the vicinity of Jerusalem and within the walls of the Old City.

During the implementation period, which will be concluded in October of this year, a series of festivals and performances will be organized including the Theater Festival, the Street Festival, traditional and folklore Dabka shows, theatrical performances, giant puppet shows, a series of storytelling workshops “Al-Hakawati”, in addition to organizing a series of tours to the destroyed villages of Jerusalem.

During the holy month of Ramadan, several activities of the project will be launched in order to restore cultural life in Jerusalem. The activities will include Ramadan evenings and cultural events aiming to revive the streets and alleys of Jerusalem, including the Old City at night during the holy month.


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