The Palestinian Vision and Welfare Association (Al-Taawon) launched the Second Stage of Bridge Palestine Program

Preparations are being made to launch the second phase of Bridge Palestine Program, the Palestinian Vision Organization under the supervision of Welfare Association and with support of the Arab Fund for Economic and Social Development and in addition to the Palestinian businessmen held briefings with the participating students and their parents to identify them about the Path of Bridge Palestine Program for the next two years, and clarify the polices and laws that will be followed by the program and to move forward towards achieving its objectives. The program includes activities to increase the enrollment at the prestigious international universities and to study abroad. These activities include university guidance, advanced English language training, targeted training program and the preparation of official examination to pass university level examinations around the world such as : TOFEL ,SAT, IELETS and others.
The Palestinian Vision organization is scheduled to implement the program, for two years, as a part of an integrated training course, in which they will provide the students with scientific and vocational training and access to opportunities and scholarships at international universities.
The director of Bride Palestine Program at The Vision Organization Ahmad Hamou said: “the organization started the second phase of the program by organizing a summer camp for about 70 participants. The launch of the event is planned on Thursday to last for 18 days in Al Arroub town in the Hebron district, where the program will include a serious of training in the field of vocational and academic guidance, English language training and the system of examinations level.
It should be noted that the first year of the program was completed last May and 70 students out of 257 qualified to continue the program activities for the next two years in the West Bank including Jerusalem.
Its noteworthy that the aim of the Bridge Palestine program which was launched in 2005, is to improve the learning opportunities of outstanding and innovators students in the Palestinian community in order to help them to join internationally and proven competence universities.