Social Resources

Tamkeen: Empower project implemented by PalVision and funded by HEKS- EPER, is a comprehensive  bottom-up intervention project that aims to increase the access/usage of land and enhance communities’ resilience in Beit Safafa, Shufat Refugee Camp, Silwan, Al-Khalayleh Neighbourhood, Nabi Samuel.

The project acts upon the essential and foundational areas that marginalized and isolated Palestinian communities need for a real empowerment. With an increasing degradation of civic and economic opportunities for marginalized communities, this project strives to contribute towards filling this void by empowering these communities through three dimensions: capacity building, infrastructure, and advocacy. This comprehensive intervention focuses on socioeconomic empowerment, reintegrating targeted communities, promoting a coherent Palestinian national identity, and increasing awareness of relevant stakeholders to support the resilience of these communities.