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In partnership with The Mobile Cultural Café (The Nest) Initiative, a group of young Jerusalemites implemented “The Community Cultural Camp for Youth” initiative, in which the participants sought to establish a cultural camp in the displaced and destroyed villages to deepen the connection between the youth generation and their land, with the activation of the contact and communication idea between the Jerusalemites themselves, as well as volunteering and initiatives ideas.

The cultural camp targeted about 40 Jerusalemites, in which they received number of training on various topics as in camp building, camping activates such as setting up a tent, building lifeboats and ways to promote collaborative work.

PalVision implemented the initiative within The Mediterranean Youth Networks Project, which is funded by the European Union, in partnership with UNISCO. PalVision implemented a number of initiatives in Jerusalem, that focused on empowering the role of Jerusalemites youth in their leadership capacities, as well as promoting effective participation of young women and men in youth issues that serve their local communities, human right issues and marginalized groups and contribute to the integration of people with disabilities into community events and activities.

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