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A community campaign contributed in building the concept of the collective efforts towards a comprehensive Palestinian identity. Identity campaign aspired to bring the Palestinians together as to reinforce the Palestinian identity and to celebrate a national day to revive the Palestinian costumes raise the public awareness of the Palestinian identity for all sons and daughters of the Palestinian people in the world. The Palestinian Vision Organization implemented the Identity campaign as a part of “Motivation project” (Himam) aimed at supporting the Jerusalemite youth and contributing to the development of their abilities and skills in the field of advocacy through the development of community leadership, defending the political, social and economic rights guaranteed by the international humanitarian law, to be able to activate their role in society towards the positive change.

The participating young men and women in this project chose to take the issue of the Palestinian identity as a compass of their path, and they sought out the elements of identity that they want to improve their sense of belonging. Therefore, they turned towards establishing three campaigns based on the development of identity dimensions of Palestinian costumes, Palestinian food and Palestinian dialect.

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