It’s not ok !

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It’s not ok !

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The initiative aimed to prevent the spread of drugs scourge in Hizma town. It fought against drugs in all its forms and presented its effects and risks through different methods as in photos and videos. In addition, it informed the Palestinians about drugs circulation and warned against falling into the trap of drug trafficking.

This initiative came as a next step after a huge promoting campaign on social media, consisted of publications in the form of unique designs that targeted a wide range of communities locally and internationally. The initiative included the following hashtag (#Its_not_ok) (#Mesh_Bhemesh)

The initiative had also sought to:
1- Present the drug consumption as a dangerous crisis, and clarify that it is still at the beginning of its spreading stages.
2- Increase citizen’s awareness about the dangerous and sources and ways of selling drugs, which are unknown for many children and young people in order to make them cautious to be sensitized in this regard.
3- Identify the police role in relation to this issue in specific to ensure security.

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