It’s not Strange (Mesh Ghareeb)

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It’s not Strange (Mesh Ghareeb)

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It’s Not Strange is Initiative is a youth effort that aimed primarily to raise the community awareness of the most important historical icons and influential figures where they lived, in an innovative way that attracts the Jerusalemite community. Herod’s Gate was the starting point for the narrator who began to narrate the story events and collect its characters from important stations in the old City such as; Al-Saddia neighborhood, Haski Sultan Hospice, Al-Aytham School, the Holy Sepulcher Church and Jaffa Gate, reaching the last station in Damascus Gate, where the public gathered and interacted with the initiative figures and met with them by interacting and taking photos.

Seven figures were saved in the history memory of the city chose to return from ancient civilizations to Jerusalem to roam around the Old City’s alleys again to imitate the Jerusalemites with their voices, to revive the most important historical stations of the city by organizing. ” It’s Not Strange” initiative, aimed to strengthen the Palestinian culture and identity in Jerusalem through raising awareness about these embodied historical figures and the achievements of each one during its period in multiple areas as in the social life, economic , architectural and artistic effects that were firstly established by them.

“Not Strange” initiative selected the figures from the historical periods between the Roman period represented by King Herod, Byzantine era represented by Queen Helena, and through the Umayyad and Mamluk periods, which were represented by Raja ibn Haywa and Tushnuq Mudhafaria until the Ottoman period, which focused on Roxelana and Mohammad al-Khalili, then finally the 20th century was represented by the late Hind al-Husseini.

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