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The Palestinian Vision concludes the project “Shababna Qadha” in the towns of Jerusalem

The Palestinian Vision Organization (PV), with the support of UNICEF, has completed the “Shababna Qadha” project, which was implemented in the towns of Jerusalem in order to enhance the role of children in their communities, develop their individual abilities and develop their social skills, and raise their and their parent’s awareness on child rights issues, vocational guidance and digital security and the responsible use of social networking sites.
The project targeted more than 500 children and over 250 parents in five towns in Jerusalem: Jabal al-Mukaber, Al-Issawiya, Silwan, the Old City and Shu’fat Refugee Camp. The project was implemented in partnership with five grassroots institutions operating in the towns of Jerusalem, the Palestinian Child Center in Shu’fat Refugee Camp, Shabab Al-Balad Initiative in Jabal Mukaber, the Spaford Children’s Center in the Old City, the Jerusalem Heritage Youth Forum in Silwan and the Isawiya Club.
These institutions organized various activities for children aged 13-17, which included a training program and several meetings in various specializations including life skills, vocational guidance and child rights, as well as information on active citizenship and community initiatives.
58 hours of training included a study visit to a Palestinian University or a factory or a vocational education center. As a practical result of those clubs the youth groups lunched 10 initiatives implemented by the children in the communities, they chose the initiatives ideas from the social issues of their communities and towns in Jerusalem such as the initiative of “I am still a child” in the Old City, which highlights the problem of early marriage of minors in Jerusalem, and presents its growing dangers in the Palestinian society through a series of awareness lectures. And “Read with Us” initiative in Silwan which focused on the importance of reading the children established a library which was also used to conduct workshops and events to promote reading.
The organization conducted 26 human rights workshops in the towns of Jerusalem such as Jabal al-Mukaber, al-Isawiya, Silwan, the Old City and Shu’fat Refugees Camp in a number of schools and civil society institutions. A number of parents participated in training and the workshops of the child rights and the raising awareness sessions about in detention or arrest.
In the same context, PV launched a series of awareness workshops directed to the children between 13 – 18 years old of the targeted towns of Jerusalem within “Shababna Qadha” project in intensive trainings on the issues of digital safety and the safe use of social network websites
In order to build plans for the protection of children in the targeted areas, PV with partner organizations organized five workshops in the targeted areas to study the needs of children according to the circumstances of each region, resulting in the producing development plans to protect children’s rights and freedoms in each town.

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