The Palestinian Vision Concludes “Sanad Initiative “and Offers University Grants to 77 Jerusalemite Students

The Palestinian Vision Concludes “Sanad Initiative “and Offers University Grants to 77 Jerusalemite Students
The Palestinian Vision Organization concluded Sanad initiative for youth counseling, which was implemented over a period of 6 months in Jerusalem city and aimed to empowering Palestinian university students and investing their energies in voluntary works that benefit the Palestinian society sectors especially the educational sector in Jerusalem, and support them to obtain a university grant in return for psychological and academic support for the Jerusalemites school students. The initiative targeted 77 Palestinian students from Palestinian universities (Birzeit University, Al-Quds University, Bethlehem Univeristy and Al-Quds Open University). As well as 134 students from Jerusalem schools between the ages of 8-12.
The initiative has included a comprehensive training program for university students which included in the first stage meetings in the field of educational and social counseling for the child especially in issues of cognitive development, cognitive behavioral theory, modeling in education and the importance of the university student as a model. In the next stage, the university students begin to be more engaged in the practice and guidance field through the implementation of a series of individual meetings with the selected school students with a follow- up and guidance by specialists.
The coordinator of Sanad initiative in the Palestinian Vision Organization Manar Issa said that: “The initiative in its essence aims to empower the Jerusalemite students in the Palestinian Universities who each have the responsibility of guiding and supporting a Jerusalemite child or two children with an average of 60 training hours and weekly meetings in which they provided them with social, psychological and academic support.

The Palestinian Vision Organization has concluded Sanad Initiative by organizing “The Sanad Summer Camp”, which created an incubator and cultural recreational platform for school students and Jerusalemite children. The training program aimed to develop children’s cognitive abilities, raise their scientific and technical level, in addition to improve their personal and leadership skills.
100 students from most of the towns of Jerusalem in a variety of activities of artistic activities such as dabkeh, singing and educational activities that concentrated in the innovation and invention field , in addition to the experience of agriculture production , dolls industry , practice clay craft , entertainment games , mind games , also breaking down barriers activities and gain communication skills.

The guide Suhaila Abu Jumaa said that Sanad camp helped the Jerusalemite children in discharge themselves in the lack of public facilities and playgrounds for children in Jerusalem and under the increase in psychological and social pressures of the Jerusalemite students. It also provided financial support to us as university students and opened the opportunity for us to engage in the institutional labor market.
This initiative is implemented by The Palestinian Vision Organization in partnership with The United Nations Development Program (UNDP) through the Stability and Community Development Program in (C) Areas and East Jerusalem, with a support from Sweden, Austria, Norway and Finland governments.