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“The Palestinian Vision” crowns six leading winners and supports their projects in Jerusalem

The Palestinian Vision Foundation is organizing the project of “Making Hope in Jerusalem” that supports youth entrepreneurship projects and developing their own projects in order to promote different sectors of Jerusalem community.
This project contains six phases; each phase has 15 participants from all over Jerusalem, but 6 participants only selected for the final first phase. This selection process was done by evaluation models that based on different criteria of creativity and excellence. Each phase of this project is funded at $ 66,000 by the Arab Fund for Economic and Social Development, the Islamic Development Bank, in partnership with “Al Ta’waon” Foundation
These projects, as well, hosted by “Palvision” Foundation and a specialized committees in the fields of small entrepreneurial; such as marketing, trade and financial science. They are keen also on giving them an administrative consultancy, accompaniment services, connecting them with specialized institutions and businessmen in order to develop their projects and achieve their objectives in the labor market.
As a result, these winner participants had done an intensive training course in the field of entrepreneurship, preparation of work plans, presentation and presentation skills, and the development of entrepreneurial ideas. This course based on the (ILO) approach of the International Labor Organization, which called “Start Your Business” in order to meet the real needs of Jerusalemites.
At last but not least, the Palestinian Vision Foundation launched the second phase of “Making hope in Jerusalem” project to support another 6 young entrepreneurs and to host their start-up projects.

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