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“Palestinian Vision”&”Aman” launches the Youth Accountability Committee in Tulkarem

Palestinian vision and “Aman” organizations, with coalition, had launched a youth activist committee for accountability in Tulkarem and they presented their plans and objectives. According to that, the committee aims to provide a study of the needs of the city in its various sectors and to pressure decision – makers by using the principal of lobbying and advocacy. Noticed that this committee is supported by the Governments of the Netherlands, Norway and Luxembourg.

It was launched with the participation of a large community and in the presence of the government departments and private sectors. It aims at activating the role of youth in controlling the management of public affairs in general, services and performance of the local bodies in particular.

This event included a film about the previous experiences in order to form seven local committees in different villages, which previously were crowned as a part of “Al Tijwab” project; that was one of the projects of Palestinian Vision organization. At the end of this event, they signed a charter of Honor by the Committee and the Advocates.

According to this signature, Sa’id Qizmar, the Coordinator of the Community Awareness Program at “Aman” organization, this committee is very important, which being trained intensely to develop and implement initiatives in Palestinian community in order to ensure the best services for the Palestinian citizens. He added also, since the foundation of “Aman” organization in 2000, it promotes integrity, transparency, accountability and anti-corruption in all its forms.

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