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Renovation of Al-Thoury Sports Club Garden and Al-Aytam Islamic School Yard in Al-Thoury Neighborhood in Jerusalem under Khuta Project

As part of Khuta project for supporting youth and youth groups in Jerusalem, Palestinian Vision Organization (PalVision) and Burj Al-Luqluq Social Center Society has renovated Al-Thoury Sports Club garden and Al-Aytam Islamic School yard, in partnership with the UNFPA and Y-PEER, under the supervision of the Higher Council for Youth and Sports..

The renovation of “Al-Zain” land, which is located next Al-Thoury Sports Club and Al-Aytam Islamic School, was carried out in cooperation with Al-Thoury Sports Club, and with the help of a group of youth community activists, school students, as well as the residents of the neighborhood. The volunteers cleaned and planted the land, which had become a wasteland due to neglectfulness in addition to being targeted by Israeli settlers who tried to clean it and use it. In response, the residents and the youth decided to facilitate Palestinian children’s access to the land.

Dalia Hallaq, PalVision’s project coordinator, described the initiative: “It is one of the qualitative initiatives within the project; it filled in the need of the residents to preserve their land. Actually, this is the core idea of the project; meeting the needs of targeted communities with focus on sustainability.”

Sawsan Abu Sneineh, Burj Al-Luqluq Social Center Society’s project coordinator from, pointed to the importance of this original initiative, which demonstrates the future vision of a generation capable of taking on its responsibilities and facing challenges. It preserves the culture of the community as well as its identity and history. It reflects the project’s objective in empowering youth and enhancing social participation.

Khuta aims to empower youth, enhance their social participation, and reinforce a healthy lifestyle among participants through trainings and community-based initiatives. It targets 200 participants from Jerusalem, aged 15-25, offering grants to individuals to implement their initiatives.

The project consists of four phases; each phase targets 50 participants for two months. Each stage begins with trainings on writing and marketing skills, CV writing, as well as initiatives and life skills. At the end of each stage, seven initiatives have to be conducted. By the end of the project, a total of 25-30 initiatives will be completed.

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