Sanad” an initiative to support colleges’ and schools’ students socially and academically in Jerusalem

In the second phase of Sanad, Palestinian Vision Organization (PV) organized a series of individual and collective meetings for the college students with a number of the school students in order to conduct an academic program for the school students which guarantees developing their performance in; mathematics, English and Arabic language. In addition to support them on the psychosocial level by conducting life skills trainings and psychological support activities.
On the basis of the needs of the school students’ in Jerusalem presented by the department of guidance and special education at the Palestinian Ministry of Education and Higher Education, the trainings were directed to 134 mid-level students from Jerusalem. The program included 600 individual and collective meetings.
The schools which participated in the program are: Arw’a School, An-Najjah Academy – Beit Hanina, Jerusalem girls and Nour AlQuds from Silwan, Husni AlAshab and Zahrat Almadaen from ArRam, Riyad Al-Aqsa form the Old City of Jerusalem, and As-Siraj Ideal School in Wai Ajouz and Sheikh Jarrah. The initiative conducted the trainings during the students’ free time, such as the school holidays and in safe places such as different Palestinian NGOs and CBOs in Jerusalem.

PV lunched Sanad initiative aiming to empower the college students’ through creating voluntary work opportunities which benefits different sectors of the Palestinian society with focus on the educational sector in Jerusalem. Manar Issa the coordinator of the initiative stated that: “the importance of this initiative is targeting one of the most important sectors in the Palestinian community which is the college students’ by supporting them to gain skills and experience and allow them to serve their part of the social responsibility socially, psychologically and academically.”
This initiative supports 77 colleges students from 4 Palestinian Universities; (Al-Quds University, Beir-Ziet University, Bethlehem University, and Open University of Jerusalem); with 134 school’ students between (8-12) years from Jerusalem.
This initiative is implemented by Palestinian Vision Organization in partnership with UNDP through the CRPD program and funded by the governments of Swed